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Garment printing is the important cousin of garment manufacturing, whilst manufacturing is the most important and most expensive process. The printing process is the “icing on top”. As an Urban Creative Design House we are experts in both fields. We understand the importance of the marriage of garment manufacturing and garment printing (accessories) in order our clients can receive bespoke highest quality fabrics made into garments embellished with multiple or various print techniques allowing our clients to truly put their mark, logo or design on their merchandise.

We provide expert services in garment printing within the UK and abroad, the following is a list of our main techniques that we apply to our garments and accessories within the UK / abroad:

  • Screen Printing is the most versatile printing process. Different types of screen printing include plastisol, rubber, ink and paint
  • Embroidery is a technique in which designs and patterns are created by stitching strands of thread or wool onto a layer of material
  • Flock (3D Flocking) Printing or Flocking is a process of applying nylon or rayon fibres directly onto the garment
  • Vinyl Printing is a PVC based material applied onto a garment by heat
  • 3D Rubber Printing, this is an excellent durable print with screen print technique that leaves a 3d rubber print feel and look on the garment
  • Applique is where a motif or design is made separately, then sewn or otherwise affixed to a cloth or garment.
  • Rhinestone / Rhine-studs are coloured pieces of faceted glass / metal created into patterns and then heat pressed

Please note there are other techniques we can apply, please contact us for information.
Please visit for more details and actual visuals of the above print techniques,