about us

About us


O.G. Group.co.uk is simply a marketing website that promotes products and services for the following partner
companies; O.G. Clothing, UKDCM &Labels & Tags.  O.G. Group.co.uk also specialises in creating groups of
business partners in our online affiliate partnership schemes.

O.G. Group.co.uk is a unique Fashion & Creative Design House that has various products and services
under one roof. It was set up as a one of a kind umbrella company that serves the Fashion and
Entertainment “Industry”, corporate companies to SME’s. OG Group.co.uk businesses involve the following:

  • Fashion Brands
  • Garment Manufacturing / Printing
  • Design Services – Fashion design, Print embellishment design, Labels , Tags & Accessories
  • Our corporate social responsibility was developed for youth to adult Training, in order communities can develop themselves in creative development skills through, brand, fashion and print for employment / business set up



Fashion Brands

Majority of our garments are “Made / Finished in London”, others are made in our factories abroad. We provide our worldwide clients with luxury urban garments & accessories, with British designed & tailored made apparel with European fitted styles. We have one main brand, OG Clothing and it has an older mature brother brand Don Di Amore, which at present both come under the OG Clothing Label.

O.G. clothing in a conscious love peace and unity anti-war brand, it’s a game changer a Revolutionary fashion brand that has lines for both men and women. Don Di Amore is brand that stands for “love”. Otherwise the full translation of Don DI Amore is “God-Father / Boss-man of Love” the purpose and concept of this brand is to is depict the wearer as being a man/ woman of love, with a high class urban , high end, feel and style.


Garment Whole Sale & Manufacturing

Note we specialise in 5 items (T-shirts, Hooded tops, Sweat Jumpers, Track Suit bottoms & Snap back / Caps) offering them with a 5 star quality of product and service. These particular products that we are able to sell fully printed with various techniques, labelled tagged, packaged with only a minimum quantity of  6 pieces in the UK to a minimum 120-200 pieces offshore only per line.

We can produce various fashion lines that we can manufacture at minimum quantities of 300-400
pieces per style, that are not part of our main focus urban items ie the 5 star.

Other garments examples that we can produce (but not a complete list)

  • Polo Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Chinos
  • Cargo Pants
  • Bomber jackets
  • Body warmers
  • Boxer shorts
  • Leather goods




Garment Printing Services

We provide expert services in garment printing within the UK and abroad, the following is a list of our main techniques that we apply to our garments and accessories within the UK / abroad:

  • Screen Printing is the most versatile printing process. Different types of screen printing include plastisol, rubber, ink and paint
  • Embroidery is a technique in which designs and patterns are created by stitching strands of thread or wool onto a layer of material
  • Flock (3D Flocking) Printing or Flocking is a process of applying nylon or rayon fibres directly onto the garment
  • Vinyl Printing is a PVC based material applied onto a garment by heat
  • 3D Rubber Printing, this is an excellent durable print with screen print technique that leaves a 3d rubber print feel and look on the garment
  • Applique is where a motif or design is made separately, then sewn or otherwise affixed to a cloth or garment.
  • Rhinestone / Rhine-studs are coloured pieces of faceted glass / metal created into patterns and then heat pressed



Design Services

Services that are offered under the OG Group.co.uk website have been devised with our high level
“industry” clients in mind. We have taken all the main aspects any successful brand will need to succeed in terms of fashion merchandise and the branding solutions that we utilise to develop our clients merchandise lines.

These include:

  • (Urban) Fashion Design, design services for in particular urban fashion styles, from t-shirts, jeans to jackets
  • Print Embellishment Design ready for screen print, embroidery, vinyl, flock, foil print techniques etc
  • Labels, Tags and Accessories Design, whether it be main/ neck labels, swing tags or PU patches
  • Premium Paper & card printing ie flyers, leaflets, posters, bags, banners etc to help our clients promote and market their business/ brand